Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Some Things of My Own Design :)

I made this birthday calendar for my room as a tool to teach both birthdays and months to the kiddos in my class. They love it finding their birthday on the chart & singing our months of the year song.

 I love the photo galleries people are doing in their homes, so I thought "why not make a kid friendly gallery in my classroom. Still working on it.. but, I plan to keep them up and use it as a back splash for art projects :)

I made this poster to go above my sensory table. Each lettter on the poster has something different drawn into it that has to do with different things we use in the sensory table. :)

This is my attendance chart. When they arrive they put their apple on the tree. When they go home they put it on the door. :) 

This is my version on the "Family Rules" posters & signs seen all over Pinterest, only made for the classroom. :)

Welcome Fall!!!!!!!! I love fall. :) This is the fall tree I did for my classroom door this year :)

This is an example of one of those things I previously talked about in a post. Kids can learn much more then we think. I added this information to my circle time a couple of years ago and it is always a big hit with the kids. They know it in no time! :) It's so cool!

Their favorite part is finding Kentucky on a map. ;)
Through the year I slowly add a few more states that they are familiar with.. (For example: Susie went to Florida on vacation! Where is Florida?)  

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