Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Job Labeled "Easy"

Some people have the impression that a teachers job is easy... We have heard it all...
..."What do you do, play all day?"... but the truth is a teachers work is hard to do. 
Things teachers have to remember (nearly everyday):

-The names of the children in their personal class plus those of large amounts of passing children who stop to say hello (& their family members!)
- Individual skill levels of each child & how to best teach each one most effectively.
-What makes each child tick.
-The voices and cries of each child... for those moments when your hands & eyes are busy.
-Preferences... (No ketchup! Extra ketchup! No jelly! Only 2 bites of very highly promoted veggies. ;)... You get it!)
-The relationships of your students (No matter how naive they may seem... everyone has that person they can't play with)
 -Allergies and special needs of all children within their care
Just to name a few...

To be a teacher you have to hypothetically be able to calm three screaming children, break up a fight, get someone to the bathroom clean up a mess in a matter of minutes all without forgetting to smile & keep your calm. All of that on top of teaching everything your students need to learn in a variety of ways in a timely manner... also making sure it is reviewed and not forgotten. From crying over milk poured into cereal that was supposed to be dry to creating the foundations for education and relationships... all of us have a lot of our plate at any given moment of the day and something should be said for all of those people who have filled this role for you! You may also be interested in:
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  1. I have always admired teachers, especially those of younger children. I can't imagine keeping up with dozens of little busy bodies, and trying to stay happy at the same time. Thank you for your hard work, and for reminding me to appreciate those who taught me as a kid!

  2. Thanks so much & thank you for the comment! :)