Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Repurposing Sticker Sheets

My post The Space Between The Stickers inspired me to come up with some new classroom ideas for those leftover sticker backings that we all throw away.. If it seems unnecessary... check out the post & you'll understand. As a teacher you learn the importance of never throwing anything away... this is one of those things... :P

 I'm sure there are tons of ways we as teachers could use these creatively but these are the ways I came up with!
 1. With the backing from larger stickers instruct the kids to color inside the color inside the lines.. Just think, we teach this using a flat coloring sheet. Having the sticker sheet on the paper gives them an edge they can feel and it defines the place they are supposed to color. :)

2. You can use these spaces to teach 1-1 correspondence.. Make a dot in each space or place a small object in each space.

3. Use smaller strips for counting.. Cut them apart and start with one space. Underneath stick 2 spaces, and following until you reach the desired number.. Make the spaces into a counting chart.

4. Use the sticker backings as a quick and easy attendance chart, a checklist or a behavior chart.

Comment below with your ideas!! :)

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