Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tips for Easier Teaching

1. TRACING- When teaching tracing use a highlighter to write out the shapes, lines or letters for tracing and have the children trace over the lines. With younger children this helps them grasp the idea of a whole letter when they have a hard time understanding getting from dot to dot in traditional tracing practice.

2. CUTTING- To guide children in gluing something together properly use a marker and color in the spot that you would like them to glue. Then instruct them to cover the colored spot with glue and stick the object down. This helps them understand where the glue goes and also helps to limit the amount of glue they use.

  • Make homemade flash cards using construction paper squares or index cards. Cut objects from magazines such as items of specific colors, shapes or easy reading words for memorizing. Cut several of a letter or number and have the children correspond a number of objects with the number on the cards. 
  • Laminate flash cards. Laminating flash cards make them more durable and gives them a longer life. Laminated flash cards of numbers, letters or shapes can also be used for tracing practice
  • Cut familiar objects from magazines and use them as conversation starters for young kids. Ask them what the object is, how they use it, who uses it most.. what color it is, what room it belongs in, etc. 
  • Laminate anything and everything. Name tags, charts, labels, etc. Almost anything you make can be re-used at another time. I rarely make anything for my classroom without laminating it. Once something is laminated you can use a permanent marker to fill in names or anything else needed and when you need to re-use it the sharpie will wipe off easily with a magic eraser. 
  • Laminate smaller objects or name strips easily with clear packing tape. 
  • Create puzzles by cutting old blown up pictures in squares and have the kids place them back together. 
  • Create custom puzzles by laminating a child's art into cutting into puzzle pieces. 
  • To store puzzles with broken boxes, cut the small pictures of the finished puzzle from the sides of the boxes and store in zip lock bags. 
  • Save old puzzle pieces with missing pieces and use them for crafts. The pieces can be painted and used to decorate frames or as charms on a necklace for cute Mother's Day crafts.
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