Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Re-Using Old Charts

In a classroom with young children posters like these don't often last long... We've all been there.. The poster is still in good condition but the edges are worn and bent and starting to peel away from the edge. I don't know about you but I hate the idea of throwing away a perfectly good poster that could be used otherwise... 

First I would suggest that when you get a new poster have it laminated or for a cheaper alternative.. line the edges with clear packing tape and fold over around the back of the poster to seal the edges and make them more durable. 
 When the poster has finally met it's end as a whole poster however.. here's what I do...Cut each letter or number from the poster.. laminate the pieces and use as smaller decorations. The cut our letters look fresh and nice and can be used in smaller places or as a border around the room. If you don't have a place for them to hang around the room cut them and use them as flash cards or as part of a learning center! :) The letters below are cut from an old alphabet poster I had hanging in my classroom! :)

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