Sunday, June 23, 2013

Classroom Camp out

Recently we had a themed week about Camping and another teacher and I decided to throw a Classroom Camp out!

We made the day a Pajama Day to start and had each child bring a sleeping bag and a flashlight.
We used two classrooms for the day and set one room us as a nighttime outdoor scene fully equipped with tents and a pretend campfire. I covered the windows with black trash bags to block out light and made glow in the dark stars which I stuck to the windows and hung from the ceiling.
The second room was set up with different activities including:
-Hunting for lightning bugs: I painted lightning bugs onto yellow paper, cut them out and scattered them around the center and then gave the kids jars to collect them in.
-A walk through "nature trail": Using a roll of large brown paper I cut a long "walking trail" and decorated it with grass patches and flowers. Then we took plastic toy bugs and placed them along the trail so the kids could walk through with their "bug catchers" looking for bugs.
-Microscopes to take a closer look at bugs we collected
- A reading corner with a small tent and camping chairs

-A fishing pond with magnetic fish/fishing poles: I cut the fish out of craft foam and drew on faces. Then I clipped a paper clip to the mouth of each one and used magnetic fishing poles.

We spent the day rotating through the camping centers, reading their favorite books and playing in our tents and eating OVEN S'MORES (Click for the recipe!) The kids LOVED them!
It was a fun filled day and the kids had a great time!! :) Try it out with your class this summer!

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