Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Mommy Needs A Blanket

How often do we push the need for pacifiers, blankets, loveys, and special toys for our children? I don't aim to be insulting with this.. I know that sometimes children DO need to security but I tend to believe that at a certain point we are the ones who are pushing and encouraging those frantic needs to have those "special things" in our children's lives.

It may start as a need for our child but when does it become a way to quiet them? When do they become too old for it? Do we still continue to push it when sometimes they don't actually NEED it anymore??

I'd say that probably happens a lot. This isn't meant to be judgmental but I think this is a fair point to make :) My point is simply that we shouldn't push things that aren't needed. It's part of letting our kid grow up into the adults they will one day be.

It's similar to this article I found not too long ago based upon the need to let children discover, make mistakes, and struggle in order to learn.

Read the article here... Please Don't Help My Kids

And.. to further state that point.. I give you this poem.. written by me.. 'My Mommy Needs A Blanket'.. written from the child's perspective..a child who can't seem to figure out why his Mother feels the need to have him carry around his blanket at all times. :)

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