Tuesday, September 10, 2013

SCARE-ing Away Summer

This is my new classroom door for the start of Fall! :)

Scare-ing away summer!

The scarecrow is actually an old decoration that a friend gave to me, but the crows are hand made.. (see directions below!)

Eventually the crows will be labeled with student names.

Bring on the crisp fall tempratures, changing leaves, and pumpkins! HAPPY FALL everyone!!

Decorations for crows: 
  1. I used the inside circle of a roll of masking tape to make the circle for the crows body. (Cut double the circles you need!)
  2. Trim half of the circles about a half inch smaller for heads. 
  3. Attach the heads to bodies. 
  4. Cut small yellow triangles and small white circles. 
  5. Finish eyes by making pupils with a black sharpie on your white circles. 
  6. Make a foot pattern and cut two for each crow. 
  7. Attach the feet and faces in various ways onto the crow bodies. Plan for some to be staring straight ahead, some looking sideways, some flying, etc. 
  8. Paint hand prints for each child in the classroom and cut them out. 
  9. Attach the black hand prints to the crow bodies as wings, again allowing for the birds to be in different positions.. (Some birds may only need one wing!)

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