Wednesday, October 9, 2013

10 Ways To Teach Children (And why they are all important!)

No two kids are exactly alike and as such they all need different things to learn well. You can't go about teaching in only one way and expect everyone to learn the information. Our brains work differently from each other and we need a variety of tools to help us reach our full potential... AND SO DO OUR KIDS! :)

Based upon that thought I bring you...
  1. Talk About It- The first thing to do is to get the subject matter out there. Start the lesson with your class and briefly explain the topic you want to teach. Put the words they need in their ears so they have some familiarity with them as a groundwork for learning. Tell them the basics... (Who? What? When? Where? & How?)
  2. Show It- Talk about and display the steps of an action. Stand up and act it out. Show pictures or video clips. Use a diagram or props to show what you want them to learn. 
  3. Play Pretend- Use whatever it is the kids are playing with to talk about the lesson. Bring it up at playtime and use the fact that its "fun time" to your advantage. Slip in bits of information and relate it to what they are doing at the time. If possible act out the lesson with toys or games. 
  4. Remind Them- Bring up the lesson regularly throughout your day. Bring it up at lunch and snack when they are quiet and attentive. Talk about it while you walk down the hall. In transition use it to bring everyone back to focus. Keep it in the front of their minds. 
  5. Display What They Know- Make a new poster or book based on the lesson. Do an art project with them that is a good example of what they are learning. Send home information about what you are working on so it can be incorporated at home as well. 
  6.  Make It Relate-able- Do they come across this at home? Are you learning about something they see on a regular basis but may not realize? Point that out! Host a show & tell that relates to the topic and have everyone bring something familiar to share.
  7. Reinforce The Topic- Always teach things more then once. Repetition is KEY with children. They likely won't remember if only told once.. but after several times they will start to memorize and be able to recall. 
  8. Read About It- Find books or other similar resources that relate to what you are teaching and share them with the kids. Discuss what's happening in the pictures and how it relates to what you are teaching. 
  9. Sing About It- Find songs that relate.. or make one up to the tune of a familiar song! :)
  10. Change It up- Teach topics in a one on one setting, in small groups and in large groups. Some students are distracted easily and don't learn best in a 'circle time' format... others learn best with the example of others in a large group. 
 These methods of teaching have been helpful to me and I hope that they are to you as well. :) 

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