Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Photos In The Classroom

If you're anything like me you love photos. Photos of the children in your class can add something personal and special to your classroom and help them relate to their environment. The kids in my classes have always loved seeing their pictures used as decorations, learning tools and as part of a project. 
Ideas For Learning With Photos:
  • Take a picture of each child with their first initial or name. 
  • Use your class as models in homemade flashcards. (They can 'model' anything from shapes, colors, letters, numbers.. etc)
  • Take photos of motions (as in Simon Says) and use them as signal cards in the game.
  • Take pictures of toy shelves (as put away properly) to help students independently clean up the classroom.
  • Keep a series of photos logged for each child for easy use with projects, games & decor in the room.
  • Take photos of each child, cut each photo in half and place the halves of all photos into a bin, creating a puzzle game for your class.
  • Use photos in worksheets.. (Ex. Photo of Child holding name & letter magnets. Instruct child to see & spell their name.

You can also use photos to make sweet homemade greeting cards or gifts!!
 Write anything on a sheet of paper to make instant greeting cards. Male sure to leave enough room for the child to hold the paper without covering up the message!

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