Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentines Day In Our Classroom

We had a great Valentines Day in our classroom! :) 
Valentines Day is one of my favorite holidays (Lets be honest... I love anything you can decorate for! ;))

I decorated our classroom with lots of Valentine decor, pinks and reds and we had a sweet little party where my kiddos ate a yummy snack and exchanged valentines with each other! :) 

Seen above:
  • Our valentine photo shoot! Stage your class with whatever you like. I used fake roses, heart cutouts and an I love you sign and we took lots of pictures. I also sent a copy home with each family! :)
  • Our "fancy" Valentines Day table.. :) I decorated the table in pinks and reds and lots of hearts and flowers. 
 1. Fill a small dixie cup with candies or any other treat.
2. Using a small appetizer size napkin cover the top of the cup as shown.
3. Secure the napkin with a small plastic rubber band.
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