Friday, March 21, 2014

Teach Your Kids To Love Reading

So often I hear people say that they hate to read. As someone who loves reading, seeing those who dislike it always makes me wonder why they dislike it so much. Reading has so many possibilities if you only take the time to get lost in a good book! I've heard it said that 'Children become readers in the laps of their parents" and I find that to be very true. Creating readers takes both time and effort but I for one think that we owe it to our children to give them this fundamental tool. :)

1. Make Reading a Habit.- Begin a routine with reading each day and set aside a special time each day for reading.
2. Use Voices for Characters- Make the stories you read more exciting. Build up the characters and make them unique and memorable to your children.
3. Read Everything.- Read signs, read magazines, read any random thing you happen to pass by. Make your children familiar with words and phrases. Create and imagine stories about things that you see as you take a walk or drive down the road together.
4. Make Reading Comfortable.- Cuddle up in bed. Find a cozy spot on the couch. Take you book outside on a sunny day.
5. Encourage Favorites.- Everyone has a favorite book but when you read new books you discover new places, new people, new things. Explore them and encourage little imaginations.
6. Make Characters Easy to Relate To- Choose stories that apply to your children and characters with names they know. Discuss situations and events in your own life that are similar to the stories you read.
 7. Notice Everything.- Count items on the pages. Discuss colors, shapes. Play seek and find with the pictures. Involve yourself in the story and make every page a game. Seek out to find something new each time you read a book together.
8. Make Page to Page Predictions.- Ask your children what they think will happen next? How will the characters feel or what will they do?
9. Act Stories Out.- Get up and act silly. Dance around the room. Roar like a lion. Pretend to sleep or eat. Jump up and down. Giggle.
10. Never Make Reading a Punishment.- Don't send your child to read because they have done something wrong. Don't make quiet reading time seem boring or make it a last resort. Plan reading and enjoy it together as a family. Let your kids find YOU reading and let them see you enjoying it. Make them happy to read not resentful towards it.
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