Monday, May 5, 2014

75 Things Teachers Think (Before 9am)

1. Off to work... I should prepare myself to be around children.  
2. What day is it? 
3. Okay.. Time to say hello to 27 people at once...
3. These children are up very early.
4. I'm up very early.
5. Every adult here looks exhausted...
6. And all the kids are like..
7. Yikes..
8. Except that one... 
 9. I better see what's wrong with her.
10. Her doll has a 'boo-boo'.
11. Where did I put the band-aids?
12. How am I already out of band- aids?
13. Maybe I can offer another solution?
14. OKAY... nope.. 
15. I wonder who still has band- aids... 
16. I think I smell poop.
17. Yep... definitely poop. 
18. I need more than one bathroom in this room. 
19. Three kids just spilled milk.
20. Oh nevermind.. 4
21. And there goes the cereal...
22. Why hello 16 more families!
23. And atleast 3 more cry-ers.
24. How is the classroom already messy? 
25. What time is it? 
26. AHHH.. on no.. find a tissue for that kid.
27. Got it!
28. I only have 2 hands. 
29. Why do I only have two hands? 
30. I literally only have two hands.
31. Maybe if I just put one child in my lap.
32. Never mind... that didn't last
33. Who turned on the CD player?
34. Who turned it to MAX volume?
35. I've gotta get that milk cleaned up. 
36. But first the noise. 
37. Maybe they will be quieter with the lights out.
38. There is plenty of sun shining in.
39. Yep.. lights out. 
(click for animation)
 40. WOW.. they didn't like that.
42. You can LITERALLY  see everything in the room. 
 43. It is not dark..
44. I guess I better turn them back on.
45. Oh my goodness.. hitting is not okay.. 
46. That calls for time out. 
47. Hopefully they cooperate.
48. I can't stay with her the entire time she needs to sit out.
49. Please stay in this chair.. please stay in this chair. 
50. I feel a little guilty.. 
51. No.. she needs to learn.
52. Maybe she learned the lesson by now?
53. How did all of the puzzles end up in the floor?
54. Is this underwear?
55. Where are your shoes?? 
56. Why are 3 kids crying...?
57. Because she looked at you... okay.. 
 58. I need to get back over to that child sitting in time out. 
59. Never mind... here she is..
60. Is this real regret or just a ploy?
61. Okay... now for that milk..
62. Hello more children.. 
63. And one very concerned Mom. 
64. This REALLY is important.
65. 6 kids are fighting.. crap
66. I'll write her a note later. 
67. Now her kid is crying..
68. It's hard to clean up milk off the floor while holding a child..
69. Wow.. she has been saying my name for a solid two minutes.. 
70. What's going on? 
71. She doesn't know..
72. Is it outside time yet? 
73. NO...please don't rain...
74. This day feels like a lifetime.. what time is it? 
75. 9:00... AM.
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